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How To Succeed In Business Or Career

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    View author's info ( 38, Male / Sugar Daddy | Atlanta, GA, USA )

    Property investments mainly by using inheritance m&ney I received when younger. If you need to know more please feel free to message me and ask. I don't bite, unless you'd like me to that is hehe

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    View author's info ( 23, Female / Sugar Baby | Brussels, Belgium )

    It's yet to come... I'm very ambitious, so I can't wait to do something I like and exceed in that. I enjoy also people with plans, husslers or achievers in general. It's an aspiration for me to listen to passionate persons

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    View author's info ( 18, Female / Sugar Baby | Harpenden, England - Hertfordshire, GBR )

    I have yet to achieve great sucess in a business of my own as I am still studying, but I study business which I take great pleasure in. I do art commissions on the side which helps with my income, I enjoy doing this because it allows me to free myself, as well as other people feeling that appreciative feeling of someone doing something sentimental for them.

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    View author's info ( 21, Female / Sugar Baby | Beverly Hills, CA, USA )

    I do online modeling through a paid subscription website. I started in the beginning of quarantine because I knew I needed m&ney while not being able to work, and I did pretty well on the site. I feel very lucky to have done so well on the site in the beginning.

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    View author's info ( 28, Female / Sugar Baby | Stone Mountain, GA, USA )

    I am young and ambitious building a lavish lifestyle for myself. Makeup is my favorite thing to do I love making people feel beautiful it's so rewarding. I'm also learning how to invest and make my m&ney work for me.

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    View author's info ( 19, Female / Sugar Baby | Enfield, England - London, GBR )

    I really want to become a chef, When I was starting out, it was pretty normal for my hours to be noon to midnight, sometimes longer. I think it is always a deterrent for people because in the beginning, you're not making very much for how many hours you're actually putting in. Now, even though my hours are pretty long and even more encompassing, there's a difference. When I started, I was just a prep cook, so I was chopping vegetables, cleaning produce, breaking down meat, and portioning things. Then I moved up to line cook, so you're actually cooking during service hours. Now I own two restaurants, so I'm dealing with managing staff and finances.

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    View author's info ( 53, Male / Sugar Daddy | Madison, MS, USA )

    I have been consistent, always do something toward your business everyday, it doesn't matter what it is just know that your convection will be realizes in the future. Keep your drive, there has been plenty of days I didn't want to work but, I kept on going . Now I'm enjoying the fruit of my labor, all these pretty women.

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    View author's info ( 24, Female / Sugar Baby | Claymont, DE, USA )

    Networking and building strong relationships that can aid my professional development in any way has proven quite successful for me. Traveling has also opened my mind to so many possibilities. Emerging into a different culture has growing pains but is so awesome and worth the occasional discomfort.

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    View author's info ( 26, Female / Sugar Baby | Melbourne, Victoria, Australia )

    I went to University and successfully completed a bachelor degree in nursing. I have been a medical nurse for 7 years and some a some different specialties. I am wanting to further my studies in the near future.

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    View author's info ( 20, Female / Sugar Baby | New York, NY, USA )

    Studied my ass off in high school. My strict parents didnt let me go out and hang w friends, so i only studied and did ballet. My dad threw away all the flowers/chocolates/stuffed animals i got from boys, so i always had to hide love letters and gifts from him.

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    View author's info ( 22, Female / Sugar Baby | Camp Lejeune, NC, USA )

    I wanted to keep my family feeling safe and free so I went through boot camp for three months then over 7 months of schooling to be in the military and I love it because it makes me feel good, my mom is very proud of me. Only thing is it doesn't p*y the best

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    View author's info ( 23, Female / Sugar Baby | Peekskill, NY, USA )

    I want to start my own business soon but I don't know where to start or how to get the funds . Looking for and searching for jobs is so hard . I want to be successful but need a little help . I'm currently not working but I have an idea of what I want to do .

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    View author's info ( 39, Female / Sugar Baby | Freeport, IL, USA )

    Self employed rental properties LLC. I'm motivated. I was always taught of there's anything tangible you can have it. I grew up and realized everyone just doesn't have enough will to. I also recently started on cam. 2 years now but I never have enough time to. On * gabbylipke and it's cheap for quality content. I'm still interested in meeting up if your 420 friendly, if you don't partake I don't smoke.

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    View author's info ( 30, Female / Sugar Baby | Washington, DC, USA )

    I'm extremely career driven and want to make something of myself. I have aspirations to get into the media, whether it be print or photographic journalism. I plan to be super successful in any job that I undertake

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    View author's info ( 25, Female / Sugar Baby | Los Angeles, CA, USA )

    Through my education and hard work. I do a lot of freelance work and networking with people to build a good client base. I take pride in the work I produce and the people that I work with. I've always been a go-getter.

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